Event Flooring

Once you decide to throw an outdoor event , one of the main aspects to care of besides maintain your guests comfortable is to gain space or use more of the space you have and that means using your garden or pool area. MOE offers a nice selection of Pool covers, Pool dance floors, Sub flooring, Tent flooring, Dance floors and Stages.


- Pool Covers 

Can be used as dance floors, dinning or cocktail area or performing stage. All pool covers are sturdy and can stand 100 lbs/sq ft.

Here some options

Black Plywood: Is the most cost effective and best seller option at $3.00 sq-Ft

White Plywood: Mostly used for weddings, sweet 16, girls birthday parties and white parties. Cost $3.50 sq-Ft

Acrylic: if you want to wow your guest and make them feel like dancing on water this is the option at $6.50 sq-ft.

Wireless RGBW Led lighting available x this option at $15.00/fixture

Acrylic can be mixed white white pr black plywood as well and make this option more economic. 




- Tent Flooring

Mostly used over grass/yard under tents to make a solid surface for your guest.

Black Plywood: $1.20 / sq-ft

White Plywood: $1.50 / sq-ft

Add carpet to sub-floor is an option. Price depends on type of carpet or artificial turf.


- Stages

Modular stages sections are 6´x 8´x 12"-18" and can be attached together to make large stages.

Price $150.00 / section.


- Custom Stages

Built of wood to customer needs. Price depends on area, height and other factors.


- Dance Floors

White Vinyl: $2.00 / sq-ft

Black Vinyl: $2.00 / sq-f

Checkers: $2.00 / sq-ft


Parquet: $2.00 / sq-ft