Tents & Accesories

Since many of our clients host outdoor events, we offer them clear & white top tents from 10' to 40' wide and almost any lenght plus all the accesories, lighting, cooling and decor needed to turn any outdoor space into an upscale and comfortable gathering area.



When renting a tent there is a few things to consider:

1. Tent size: measure area and make sure it is 4' longer and wider than tent and also that the area is clear( no trees, bushes, electric wires).Consider it is always better go a little bigger.

2. Make your choice: Decide if you will go with a white or clear top tent.

   * White: Provides shade x sunny days and keeps guest dry from the rain and gives a classic cover and mach with almost  any decoration.

   * Clear:Is not recomended for sunny days since will increase the heat under tent.

   Nice for cooler or cloudy days or any night event. Gives a feeling of being in an open space and modern look, also increase the effect of any type of lighting decor.

3. Any accesories needed? Decide if need any tent accesories or decor.

   MOE offers:

   * Tent lighting:bistro lighting, chandelliers, fairy lighting, Wireless Led spheres and uplights.

   * Tent sidewalls:either for full enclosure when using air conditioning or just to cover some areas or views.

   Choose between white, clear or white with french window sidewalls.

4. Tent drapping:from simple pole covers to full tent ceiling or any particular desing.

5. Tent cooling:

   MOE offers:

   * Fans

   * Evaporative/cooling fans

   * Air conditioning(need to enclose the tent)